10 Awesome locations for a Pre Wedding Shoot in Bangalore


make your pre-wedding photo shoots heavenly by shooting across our favorite 10 Awesome locations for a Pre Wedding Shoot in Bangalore that’ll surely guarantee memories for a lifetime.

1. The old, enchanted forest

Established during the British Raj, Cubbon Park has a rich cultural heritage and an even richer treasury of flora and fauna. Spread out over a gorgeous 300 acres, it has ancient, huge trees, lush surroundings, a bandstand and an aquarium and has a fairytale quality to it in pictures.
2. A boutique bouquet of spaces
The Courtyard House off Sajarpur Road is a popular venue for intimate weddings and professional shoots. The large, high-ceilinged rooms of the house all connect to a gorgeous, open-to-sky centre courtyard at the heart of the venue. There’s also a lawn and pond! Its earthy tones and natural light will bring a bright warmth to your photos.
3. High design, cool comfort
Strategically located only ten minutes from Bangalore International Airport, Jade 735 is an uber cool, very modern, luxurious, chic location for a shoot. Its fully furnished boutique villas, chalets and pool are perfect for a romantic, stylish shoot with a statement aesthetic.
4. Tales of tradition
Nestled in a five-acre garden, the wind whispering in the old trees, the impossibly beautiful Tamarind Tree shows off its cultural wealth in the architecture of its traditional courtyards, cobble-stoned pathways, and cloud of fragrant frangipani. If you’re looking for a venue to complement your vintage theme or for a contrast to an avant garde styled shoot, you’ll get beautiful images here.
5. A higher love
Get on cloud 9! Once regarded as the ‘hills of happiness’ during the Chola period, Nandi Hills in Bangalore is a picturesque mountain scape that would serve perfectly if you want your pre-wedding photo shoot 4,851 feet above sea level!
6. Royal Escapades
In Mavalli in Bangalore, Lal Bagh is where you must head if you’re looking to recreated a royal setting. The glass house is world renowned and will give the entire shoot a mystic touch.
7. Vintage Vibes
The gabled cottage at Sommer House was called ‘Peace Place’ by its original German owners who built it more than half a century ago. Today, its owners Christine and Suleiman Jamal lovingly care for it and their fleet of vintage cars. It’s perfect for a sepia-toned shoot with a touch of vintage silver screen.
8. Travel without moving
You could be anywhere in the world where the vibe is young, the people are quirky and there’s the crackle of fun in the air. Bright colors, natural light, interesting spaces, Biere Street at Whitefield is like an Oktoberfest location without having to worry about the visa.
9. Divine playground of Dionysus
Nandi Hills’ traditional popularity as a tourist hotspot is now enhanced by its burgeoning wine industry. Schedule a pre-wedding photo shoot in the beautiful Grover Vineyards and don’t forget to enjoy a glass of wine yourself!
10. Starry Dreams
Elements is a weddings and events hall flanked by an expansive water body, a maharani mandap and a starlight room with mood lighting décor. It’s great for a wedding and perfectly apt for a heavenly pre-wedding shoot.

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